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Michele Adams

Michele Adams In Hustle PK Pose

Make Every Step Count

I love dance…

I love how it makes me feel, alive and soulful. I love helping my students to feel the same way, through connection with the movement of their own bodies. This is my main goal as a dedicated dance instructor, to see each of my students leave my classes feeling energized and joyful.

I knew as a child that I would follow a path of music and dance, the things that moved and excited me. By high school, I was well on my way to those goals. I was playing drums and trombone, and choreographing formations and routines for the school dance team. After high school, I was invited to perform for the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders.


I continued along the path by learning different genres of dance; began competing and winning competitions, and from there experienced the sheer joy of teaching others to dance.

Fun Dance Class Day with Michele Adams
Michele Adams at US Swing Open dancing in Masters Devision
Michele Adams with ProAm Student at UCWDC Worlds Competition in Nashville TN
Michele Adams Ballroom Competition
About Me

Qualifications & Experience

  • Professional Dancer / Instructor / Studio Owner

  • ​2022 Master US OPEN Champion

  • ​UCWDC World Champion

  • Swing Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Certified National Judge

  • Music and Choreography major at Chabot College, Hayward and Cerritos Colleges. Trained in Hip hop, Classical Ballet at Cerritos College 5 years  

  • Trained in lead and follow for All dances, including East and West Coast Swing, Ballroom-International and American Smooth, Latin- International and American Rhythm Country dances, Salsa and Hustle 

  • Former 'Ole Skool Dancer for the LA Sparks 

  • Co-Owner of Swingtime Dance Studio, Dance Choreographer, Owner of Country Dance Sport since 1992 

  • U.C.W.D.C Master Level Dancer and Dance Instructor


  • International Ballroom Trained & American Style Ballroom Champion

  • Champions Level West Coast Swing Dancer and multiple 1st place winner since 1990 


  • Known for original dance choreography and applying patterns and footwork to music 


  • Recognized for classic Style West Coast Swing as well as Contemporary style West Coast Swing 


  • Recognized by S.W.D.C and U.C.W.D.C, Orange County Swing Dance Club, Swingtime Dance Studio Club, L.A Swing Dance Club, and many dance studios in the country. 


  • Local Judge for many venues for over 34 years in the Dance industry and business, as a solo main source of work and income and dedication to the Dance Community

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